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THE FIGTREE GUIDE // Wet weather advice for a rainy wedding day

A rainy wedding day… it’s probably the one thing that we hear our couples stress about the most in the lead up to their wedding day. We are here to tell you that we LOVE the rain, and we have compiled some of our best tips to embrace a rainy wedding day, and ensure you nail the photos in the process.

Not only does rain provide an overcast background (which is great for eliminating shadows and unflattering light), it provides beautiful moody tones, and romance to your wedding images.

Check out our tips to make the most of it, like our recent wedding couples below that embraced the elements and rocked their rainy days.


If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, we would definitely recommend organising a wet weather option with your venue. Although for many couples an indoor ceremony can be a “Plan B”, it can be just as incredible as your Plan A! Transform your indoor ceremony space by adding lighting and candles to create the most beautiful ambience. You might also want to add some florals or foliage to the space to bring the outdoors in.


Osteria Weddings

Summergrove Estate – Chapel

Mavis’s Kitchen – Barn

Byron View Farm – Clear Marquee


If rain is predicted for your wedding day, don’t stress! It can honestly create the most romantic and beautifully moody images. We can capture some stunning photos out in the rain, if you’re happy to be brave and embrace the elements. We promise you won’t regret it!



That brings us to the next tip – umbrellas! If there is a chance of rain, it’s a great idea to purchase enough umbrellas for you and your bridal party (or check if your venue supplies them). Clear umbrellas are the best options for photos to allow as much light in as possible.



When venturing outside to capture those dreamy rainy day photos, its likely that your feet might get a little wet. We would recommend bringing a change of shoes for after the location shoot, or possibly bringing a different option for the location shoot e.g. gumboots!



Another ridiculously amazing benefit to rain on your wedding day – night photos! With the use of lighting, we can capture some incredibly unique photos in the rain.



Lastly, remember what your day is about. It’s about the two of you, hanging out with your favourite people, having an amazing party, and saying ‘I do’. No amount of rain can take away the reason you are there. So let’s embrace and rock it!

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