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Over the summer season we will be releasing a series of blogs with helpful tips for our brides to be. Todays Figtree Tip is nice and simple, hangers!

If you are hiring a house or apartment for your wedding morning preparations, a lot of the time you will find plastic/odd hangers in the wardrobes. We love capturing your beautiful gown, bridesmaids dresses and suits however it can be really tricky or sometimes impossible with dodgy plastic hangers.

So here’s our Figtree Tip, bring your own coat hangers. We recommend wooden hangers with a turning hook so we can hang in beautiful doorway, window frame or even from a tree branch. This super small investment can change the overall look of imagery. Its something you can keep forever, as well as a sweet keepsake for your bridal party.

Check out these designs from Etsy – WattsCo, White Lane Designs, Handmade Basket & Gifts

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