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THE FIGTREE GUIDE // Hair + Makeup

Getting your hair and makeup done is probably one of the most relaxing and luxurious parts of your wedding day, and we have some tips on how you can pre-plan this so it assists with setting an awesome tone for your entire wedding day. It seems like such a simple component to your wedding day run sheet, but we think that nailing your hair + makeup is one of the major pieces of the wedding puzzle to ensure a smooth and flawless day.

1. Invest in a hair and makeup trial before the big day. 
Sounds simple, but we can’t stress enough the importance of meeting with your beauty team and coming up with a solid plan for the wedding day. Not only will having a trial before the wedding day ensure you are 100% happy with your look on the day, but it will probably also be a time-saver in the morning as your bridal team will be able to arrive and know exactly what you want. You can also time your trial with a dress fitting so you can see the final product, and if it all works together. Our tip is to take lots of secret pics on your phone from all different angles, for those times you are second guessing your decisions.

2. Do your research, and book on recommendations and reputation. 
While getting a friend to do your hair and makeup might save a few dollars, it may not give you the desired outcome that you are after. our advice – book a wedding professional! There are so many incredible local hair and makeup artists out there (and if you need suggestions from us, just let us know!). It’s definitely worthwhile doing your research and booking a reputable hair/makeup artist with glowing reviews. A wedding professional will know all of the top tips and tricks to ensure flawless long lasting makeup to survive the emotions and the crazy amount of hugs and kisses you will receive throughout the day and into the evening.

3. It’s all about the timing… 
No bride wants to be jumping out of the makeup chair 5 minutes before the ceremony and rushing around trying to get dressed. It’s crazy how often this actually happens. Scheduling your hair and makeup times correctly is so important to ensure you have an enjoyable and stress free morning. We usually recommend our brides have all hair and makeup completed at least 1-1.5hrs before departing for the ceremony. Keep in mind, your photographer is likely to depart for the ceremony before you, so this usually allows about 1hr with your photographer to capture the ‘getting dressed’ photos, portraits and any family photos. It also gives you a time buffer in there if you need anything changed at the last minute.

4. Practicality is a must, and will ensure comfort on the day. 
As we are based in such a beautiful scenic location, most of our couples choose to have an outdoor wedding, which is awesome! However this does mean that you will be out in the elements and find that some hairstyles might not be appropriate if there is wind or rain. If its a windy day, it might be worth considering putting your hair up or pinning some away from your face. It’s also great to have some powder, concealer, lipstick handy for any touch ups throughout the day. Bridesmaids are awesome for helping out with this. Look at also putting in a 15 minute buffer to your run sheet before your reception starts so you can do any touch ups, or fix any fly away hairs, before being introduced to your party.

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