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THE FIGTREE GUIDE // Advice on finding the perfect accomodation for your wedding day preparations

We want to give you some words of wisdom, and tips on how you can go about setting the tone for your entire wedding day. It’s something that is generally overlooked as an added ‘expense’, but we are here to tell you that it is an investment into the overall vibe of your big day. Your getting ready accommodation is such an important piece of the wedding puzzle, and getting it right will not only have you arriving to your ceremony chilled and zen, but it will also provide you with some beautiful preparation photos.

When looking at accommodation for the morning of your wedding day, these are are go-to tips for our Figtree couples.


1. Book a space that is light, bright and white.
We can’t stress enough how much a beautiful space with streams of natural light, and white walls will instantly make you feel relaxed, fresh and organised. Not to mention it is a photographers dream to have that ‘white wall’ to use for portraits and detail photos. If you end up with a rainy day, at least you know you will have some beautiful spots for photos indoors before you head to your ceremony too.

2. Make sure your space is close to your ceremony location.
There is nothing worse than getting in a car and having to navigate traffic, especially on your wedding day. Pick a location that is close to your ceremony spot, and do a couple of test runs the day before to time the travel. 

3. Look for accommodation styles that flow with your wedding day.
There are so many options out there now, from AirBnb to Stayz to Wotif. Research all of the different types of homes and locations, and elect something that suits your vibe and day. If you are having a relaxed, garden wedding look at a modern cottage. If you are having a beach style wedding, look at a beach house with beautiful views. 

4. Look at making the space clean and tidy, it will go a long way in setting the tone for the day.
Something as simple as having a clean space, can really effect the look the look of your preparation photos and also set a relaxed tone for your day. It’s best to try and keep the main living area and master bedroom as tidy as possible, as these will be your main ‘getting ready’ areas.

5. Extra people hanging out with you in the morning is fun, but keep a limit on numbers.
When researching accommodation options make sure there is adequate space for everyone who is going to be there on the day. We recommend limiting this to your bridal party and immediate family, or you might like to invite family over once you are dressed for some family photos before the ceremony. Also consider your suppliers on the day and that your hair/makeup artists and photographer have enough room to work comfortably. P.S You can NEVER have enough bathrooms 🙂

6. House vs. Apartment, the space debate.
That brings us to our final tip, if you are tossing up the option of a house or hotel room for your preparations, we would recommend a house. A house is more spacious, giving your bridal party more room to spread out and get comfy. As well as giving your photographer to opportunity to utilise the different rooms and backdrops that a house offers. Having more space is also so beneficial if there is wet weather, as it means we have the room to capture those beautiful portraits without getting wet. A massive bonus if there are any outdoor spaces e.g. a verandah or balcony, garden, courtyard or even a pool area.

Below we have collected some of our favourite accommodation images from our wedding mornings, and quite frankly we think they speak a thousand words.

Cottonwood Farm, Gleniffer NSW

The Hamptons Holiday House, Kingscliff NSW

Halcyon House, Cabarita NSW

The Bower Cottage, Byron Bay NSW

Byron View Farm, Byron Bay NSW

Bencluna, Byron Bay NSW

Bodh Gaya, Byron Bay NSW

Chic Beach House, Kingscliff NSW

The Grove, Byron Bay NSW

The Chalet – Byron Beach Abodes, Byron Bay NSW


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