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THE FIGTREE GUIDE // 5 reasons we love a winter wedding!

As we welcome spring and say goodbye to winter, we thought we’d look back on the last few months at some of the seriously incredible winter wedding days we got to photograph!

Here at Figtree, we really believe that winter is one of the best seasons for weddings, especially in this part of the world! Why? Well, here are 5 of the reasons we love a winter wedding, as well as some of our favourite snaps from this winter season.


1. Weather + sunsets

Fun fact – winter is the driest season of the year! (in our surrounding regions of Byron Bay, Tweed Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast). Which means it’s a lot less likely to rain on your wedding day. Yay! Instead, we are lucky enough to experience crisp, clear skies and stunning golden sunsets.


2. Oh so romantic

Winter weddings are always just that little bit more romantic. The cooler season is something that can inspire your styling for the day. Think candle filled tablescapes, deep floral tones, dark green foliage, cosy spaces, rich fabrics, and luxe metallic details.


3. No sweat

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to be a sweaty mess on their wedding day! If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, winter is pretty perfect. Your groom and any males attending would definitely appreciate not being sweaty and uncomfortably hot in their suits throughout the ceremony. You also won’t have to worry about makeup sliding down your face 😉


4. Fashionista

We kind of have a thing for winter wedding fashion here at Figtree. Winter is the perfect time of year for elegant and timeless long sleeved lace dresses, or for you to rock a gorgeous embellished gown! One of our favourite trends at the moment also has to be brides in jackets. Whether they’re leather, denim, embroidered with your new surname – they all look amazing and are pretty practical too. Added bonus, you can whip out your jacket at the end of the location shoot to change up your look. Your groom might even want to get into the winter vibes with a velvet bow tie or jacket (yas!).


5. Let’s party

A pretty great benefit to winter weddings is the epic party you will have! When creating a timeline for a winter wedding, your ceremony and everything else starts a little earlier in the day as sunset is around the 5pm mark. Which means your reception formalities also start earlier, giving you more time at the end to let loose on the d-floor. Earlier sunset time = more time to party!


And that’s a wrap! It’s been an incredible season this year and we can’t wait to capture more goodness next time round.

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