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Over the past 7 years of shooting we have developed an approach that we think works best, and gets the most out of your wedding photography experience… and that is to secure two amazing photographers for your day. There are so many advantages of having two photographers, and what’s best is that our photography packages include two photographers as a standard inclusion. Bonus!



1. We can capture the bride + groom’s preparations at the same time. 
A massive advantage of having two photographers on the day, is that we can be in two places at once. With the majority of weddings, the bride and groom will spend the morning getting ready in separate locations. By having two photographers, it means we can document both the bride + groom’s preparations as they happen.



2. The details of the ceremony set ups get the attention they deserve. 
We are lucky enough to photograph weddings at some incredibly stunning locations and beautifully styled venues. The biggest advantage of having that second shooter is that all of those pretty little details that you have agonised over for months will be photographed as a keepsake forever. **Be sure to also provide us with a list of any images that you want captured on the day that relate to your setups and details, so we can make sure that we have it covered**



3. We can nail all of the angles at your ceremony. 
During a ceremony, there are so many wonderful moments happening at once. With two photographers we can capture all of those moments and all of the angles. A key example is the moment our bride + groom see each other for the first time down the aisle. Our photographers are always positioned at the front and back of the aisle, capturing both the brides entrance walking down the aisle and the grooms reaction. It has to be one of the best moments of every wedding day.



4. The canapé hour is the hour of power of photography. 
At Figtree, we place a huge importance on capturing your guests and family enjoying your special day. After the ceremony, our first photographer will focus on capturing all of your family photos. Our second photographer can then spend this time documenting candid shots of your favourite people sipping on champagne and feasting on canapés. It helps to deliver a well-rounded collection of images of the story of the day.



5. Two photographers, one bridal party. 
There are so many benefits with having two photographers on location with you and your bridal party. With a larger bridal party, it can be a little time consuming capturing all combinations and portraits. With two photographers, this isn’t a problem! This means we are taking half the time, getting you back to your party quicker. If you don’t have a bridal party, it means our second shooter can spend a little more time capturing your guests enjoying canapé hour. As well as capturing variations and different angles during your couple shoot.



6. The reception details
Our couples put so much thought and time into creating gorgeous reception spaces. While the first photographer is still on location with the bride + groom, our second photographer can head over to your reception and capture the space and any details before your guests enter to be seated. On the wedding day, you also might not get a chance to see your reception completely set up and ready to go before your guests have filled the space, so its amazing to look back on these detail shots!


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