Information for Second Shooters


We aim to shoot 8GB per hour (roughly 200-250 images per hour).
When in doubt, just keep shooting.
Lots of candid photos of guests, family and the bridal party.


  • Details: suit jacket, rings, shoes, tie, groomsmen gifts, accessories etc. Photograph details separately and grouped together
  • Groom and groomsmen getting ready e.g. ties, putting shoes on, jackets, cufflinks
  • Groom on his own (full length, and portraits)
  • Groom with each groomsman
  • All boys together (good to do this before the ceremony, and then again on location).
  • Each groomsman on their own
  • Photos of the groom with any family members prior to the ceremony while getting ready




  • Set up shots – close up shots of any details/flowers, varied wide shots
  • Candids of guests arriving and groom greeting guests
  • Groom with groomsmen waiting for the bride. Candid and formal.
  • A photo of each couple, family, or person before the ceremony starts. Walk up to each couple and ask if you can get a photo of them. There is generally 20 minutes allowed in the run sheet for this.



  • Set up shots – varied wide room shots from different angles.
  • Close up detail photos of place settings, details and anything of interest.
  • Cake photos.
  • Card/gift table.
  • Location photos of where the reception is (i.e if there is a view).



**This is in addition to the normal photos that you would take over the course of the day **