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FAQS for booked clients

  1. Now that I have paid my deposit and booked, what do I need to do?
    Nothing at all! We have all we need initially so from a photography point of view you can relax 🙂
    We will be in touch with you about 6-8 weeks out from your wedding day to collect your final information.
  2. How does the day normally run?
    There are definitely a few things that we can recommend with the running of your day. Here is a standard timeline to take into consideration, which may assist you with timings.
    3:00-3:30pm – Ceremony
    3:30-3:45 pm – Congratulations + mingling
    3:45-4:15pm – Family photographs (depending on your list)
    4:15pm – Depart for location photos
    4:25-5:25pm – Location photos
    5:35pm – Depart location photos for reception
    5:50pm – Bridal party to freshen up/chill
    6:00pm – Bridal party entry
    Of course we definitely recommended that you work with the timings of the sunset too where possible to ensure there is enough light during location photos. This is a very standard timeline, and may vary depending on your requirements from the day. If you need to travel for photos, we just ask that you factor this in with enough allowance for traffic conditions and parking.
  3. When will my photographer be starting and finishing?
    This depends on your run sheet, and also what package you have booked. Once you have completed your final information questionnaire, we will send you through a run sheet with start and finish times (about 2 weeks out from the wedding).
  4. What time should I book my hair and makeup to finish?
    We recommend that your hair and makeup finishes one hour before the photographer departs for the ceremony (to arrive 15 minutes before the ceremony commences).
  5. I am not sure what times to schedule in my ceremony and reception for?
    We recommend working with your venue and/or wedding planner for the best timings on your day. If we can offer any advice, it would be to take into consideration the sunset times on your day. We are also big believers in making sure you have time on your day to stop and enjoy. So when in doubt give yourself more than enough time for each component of the day, so you don’t feel rushed and can take some time out with your loved ones.
  6. How long do I need to allow for the location shoot?
    We recommend allowing at least an hour on location. If you can schedule in 1.5 hours to allow for running overtime in the ceremony, we find that allowing more time than necessary allows your party to relax and have fun. We encourage you to bring along drinks and food, so you can enjoy your time away from the wedding. If you need to get in a car and travel for photos, please allow this in your final timings for the day.
  7. Location photos – where to go?
    We can make suggestions for your location photos. Otherwise, if you want to go for a drive and pick out some spots for us, then we are more than happy with that too.
    We generally know all of the locations at each venue, and what we can use in terms of light. So if you are happy to go with the flow, we can source a space that’s amazing and works with your day.
  8. What tips, tricks and other great advice can you give me?
    Here are our top tips to get the most out of your photography on the day…

    Accommodation – Take the time to research and book suitable accommodation. Find somewhere that is spacious, light and bright. This will ensure you get great preparation photos.

    The Details – Choose a room where you are getting ready, and make sure it is clean and ready for when the photographer arrives. Pick a room that is light and bright. Put all of your items on the bed that you would like photographed, and hang up any clothing for the day in the room. Some of the details include; jewellery, perfume, sentimental items, shoes, flowers etc.

    Hair & Makeup – Chat to your hair and makeup artists and work on suitable timings for you day. It is best to have everyone ready at least one hour before you leave for the ceremony. This will give you time to get dressed, get some great photos, and then enjoy a drink before leaving for the ceremony.

    The Dress – Try your dress on several times before the day so you know exactly how to put it on, and how it all works. If it is a difficult dress to do up, maybe look at factoring this time into your run sheet for the day so you don’t feel rushed on the day.

    Family – Invite family to your getting ready location if you wish to have photos with them before the ceremony. We recommend asking them to come 15 minutes before the photographer leaves. Make sure you direct the photographer as to who you would like photos with. For family photographs after the ceremony, make sure you have a list ready to go with several people to help pull the combinations together.

    Location Photos – We recommend allowing at least 60 minutes shooting time. However, if you have a large bridal party or would like to travel to multiple locations, please take this into account and allow more time. Do some location scouting, ask your venue for the best locations, and also liaise with us – as we know some hidden gems at most wedding venues.

    Wet Weather Plan – If you are planning on having your ceremony or reception outside, having a wet weather plan in place will eliminate the stress on the day if the weather doesn’t go to plan. Check if your venue has a back up undercover space or marquee. Invest in some great clear umbrellas and gumboots for your photos.

    Ceremony & Reception Times – If your wedding is during winter, please remember that the days are much shorter. We recommend having an earlier ceremony to allow time for location photos before the sunsets. If you are getting married during daylight savings, we recommend a late afternoon ceremony, as the sunset is a lot later in the day.

    For more tips from Figtree, see our blog on Wedding Tips and Advice!

  9. Which suppliers can you point me to that you work with regularly?
    We love working with amazing suppliers. We recommend checking out these websites so you can make direct enquiries with suppliers we love at Byron Bay – – or at the Tweed Coast –
  10. What happens if it rains on my wedding day?
    We love rain!! It makes for some amazing photos. We recommend you purchase some beautiful clear umbrellas, gumboots, and embrace it! Read more on our blog about wet weather advice.
    Also, make sure you chat to your venue coordinator to see what your wet weather plans are.
  11. Can I send you inspo pics or a list of images that I want captured on the day?
    We’ll definitely work with you to capture any images that are important to you, but at the same time we will never copy or recreate an image – we love to shoot in our own Figtree style! What you see on our website, blog and socials will give you a good idea of the way we love to shoot. Your day will be different to any other day and our focus will be on capturing your day as it naturally unfolds. We’ll work with the surrounding environment, natural light, and you as a couple to create images that are unique to your day! For this reason we don’t really like to work from inspo pics or extensive lists of photos (other than family photos of course!), and we try not to stage too many photos on the day. Our photographers are very experienced and amazing at what they do – and can’t wait to create some beautiful images on your day!
  12. Can I add on hours with my photographer?
    Absolutely. We block out the entire day for your wedding, so you can let us know how little or how much you want. You can add on hours for the photographer/s at any stage in the lead up to your day – just get in touch with our studio to arrange.
  13. Do I need to arrange a meal for my photographer?
    Yes, please! We love to refuel and recharge. We just ask for a crew meal (it doesn’t need to be fancy). This way we can eat, get some more energy, and see the night through!
    We only ask for a meal if we are there at dinner time 🙂